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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3rd Party Prep - Bluebeam Revu

Many use third party add-ons like Bluebeam, AutoTURN and others within their CAD production workflow. I will share some helpful insight into these products.

Bluebeam 11 will be releasing update 11.1 this week in support of the 2014 CAD products. Previous versions will not support the 2014 CAD products.

Bluebeam Enterprise deployment link: Bluebeam Enterprise Configuration

When deploying the bluebeam client in a mass setting. You can do so easily by modifying the .msi file with orca (

Open the .msi installer with orca, then go to the property table, then edit the following values.

BB_DEFAULTVIEWER 0 - I don't use bluebeam as the default pdf viewer
BB_DESKSHORTCUT 1 - I add a desktop shortcut
BB_PRODUCTKEY xxxxx-xxxxxxx - enter your prod key
BB_SERIALNUMBER xxxxxxx - enter your serial number

Save and close the .msi installer from orca. Now you can easily deploy Bluebeam to clients, via script, group policy, or sccm package.

A great way to keep track of your installed clients, is by using Bluebeam's reg look up page.
Just plug in your license info and it will return detailed info on the number of licenses installed.

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